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Founded on January 23rd in 1965, MSOE Triangle has fostered lifelong friendship, social impact on campus, and men of character within Milwaukee and beyond.

Our Values

Chris Fries, IL

“From the moment I started as a Triangle pledge, I learned how to get things done as a team.  From meager home maintenance tasks to building a Viking ship for St. Patrick's day, we figured out how to listen to each other and solve problems that none of us knew how to solve on our own.  As a Software Engineer and a Director of Engineering, I have the confidence to work across engineering disciplines to solve the hardest problems, thanks to what I learned as a Triangle brother."
(Initiated 1994, graduated
1997 Computer Engineering)
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Alexander Voigt, WI

"Triangle gives many opportunities to practice leadership in many different roles throughout the organization. During my time, I have taken advantage of this by elected positions in our chapter, positions outside our organization that support the chapter and planning large events and fundraisers. These efforts have translated to my professional life and allowed me to be chosen over my peers to be promoted to a senior engineer. I’m positive that this will continue to be a large part as my career continues."
(Initiated 2007, graduated 2010 Electrical Engineering)

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Paul Rinaldi, WI

“I'm glad I joined Triangle since it rounded out my personality and college experience. I learned a lot about how to work with peers to accomplish chores or goals whether they were events we wanted to hold or house tasks.  As an alumni now, I've grown to mentor and receive mentorship more from others, learning about how corporations work and how I can navigate in my career, and then also what advice I can give to current students given my recent experience.
2021, graduated 2022 Software Engineering)
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