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Hi parents!

We recognize that it is important for parents to be knowledgeable about their son's college experience, especially when making an important decision like joining a fraternity. The vast majority of our members do not seek out fraternity life, instead they seek friendship, values, and growth in becoming a balanced men. As engineers, scientists, and architects, our education is tough but with friends who study, serve the community, and socialize together, we succeed. Not only in our academics but in our communication, social, and technical skills, do we grow with a network of alumni mentors in our major.

All About Triangle

Triangle is a national fraternity for university students in majors related to becoming scientists, engineers, or architects that seeks to build better men.
Through philanthropy, volunteering, professional networking, mentoring, and social activity, we, as brothers, grow as lifelong friends, professionals of strong character, and leaders in our fields.
Students interested in joining Triangle
will learn the history and the values of Triangle Fraternity in preparation to become full active members and serve as leaders within the organization.


Hear what our Milwaukee School of Engineering alumni have said how Triangle helped them grow and succeed.

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